Dying and leaving behind minor children is something no one wants to consider. However, the consequences of not making guardianship plans can have long term, devastating consequences. Should you pass away without appointing a guardian, your child may be sent into foster care and an uncertain future. The parent who gives some time to contemplating guardianship will experience peace of mind in the event of a tragic accident or illness.


Create a Will

Perhaps the best way to appoint a guardian in a legally binding manner is by placing it in a will. With the assistance of an attorney specializing in wills and estates, it should be little trouble to identify the appropriate guardian and make any other necessary arrangements for the care of the child. Wills can incorporate a great deal of detail about how you would like your child to be raised, and this can be a useful guide for the guardian. Schedule a meeting that includes you, the guardian and the attorney to go over the details of the will. Read More