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Criminal Defense

I represent people accused of misdemeanors, DUIs, and some felony charges. In Idaho, a DUI or DWI charge in can result in a heavy fine, the loss of your driver’s license, significantly higher insurance premiums, and a jail sentence. If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol “DUI” in Kootenai County or anywhere in North Idaho, it is important that you have competent legal representation from an experienced and aggressive DUI attorney.


“I can help you as you face this very serious criminal charge.”


The sooner that you make the decision to retain my representation, the sooner we can begin putting together a defense and start examining every detail relating to your case. This includes challenging the methods used by the arresting law enforcement officer, as well as contesting the evidence brought forth by the prosecution. If you are ready to get started on your DUI defense, please call my office to schedule your free case evaluation. I stand ready to fight for you and your rights and will do everything in my power to get your DUI charges reduced or dismissed.

Have you been arrested for a DUI?

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Juvenile Law

When a young person is accused of a crime, it is important to choose a knowledgeable attorney. I represent juveniles who have been accused of misdemeanors and some felony charges.

Business Law

Company Disputes (“Corporate Litigation”)

• Breach of Shareholder and operating agreements
• Company dissolution and shareholder “divorce”
• Partnership claims and dissolution
• Removal of officers and directors
• Breach of fiduciary duties
• Oppression and “squeeze-out” of minority shareholders
• Misrepresentation / Fraud
• General business consulting
• Enforcement of buy-sell agreements
• Partnership and entity formation/organization
• Non-competition, non-solicitation agreements
• Temporary restraining order and injunctions

Outside Disputes (“Commerical Litigation”)

• Breach of contract
• Disputes relating to sale of goods, services or real estate
• Purchase and sale of business or business assets
• Misrepresentation / Fraud
• Defamation / libel & slander
• Insurance claims and bad faith
• Collection (creditors only)
• Fraudulent transfers
• Temporary restraining order and injunctions

What happens when a judgment is filled against you?

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Real Estate Law

I represent both tenants and landlords in all aspects of the landlord/tenant relationship including the negotiation and preparation of leases. This includes retail, industrial, and other commercial property transactions, as well as drafting lease language to meet the varied needs of our clients. Landlord/tenant issues can affect individuals who have entered into residential leases, businesses involved in commercial leases, storage facilities, and mobile home parks.


“The relationship between landlord and tenant is not always free of conflict.”

Sometimes a tenant consistently does not abide by the rules and regulations set forth by a landlord.  There are also times where a landlord does not faithfully honor their end of the lease or rental agreement. We will work strategically and professionally to find constructive solutions to disputes about residential or commercial leases. Whether arising from a lease agreement or statutory requirements, I offer clear guidance in understanding your rights and obligations relating to the property.  My firm has extensive experience dealing with these often tense disputes. Because the laws that affect landlord/tenant relationships are complex and change on a regular basis, it is important to enlist the services of a qualified attorney to help resolve any disputes surrounding your lease agreements. Lastly, if a tenant fails to make a required rental payment, we can assist the landlord in evicting the tenant and re-taking possession of the premises.

I can assist you in all areas relating to landlord/tenant relationships, including:

  • Landlord Strategy Session
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Lease Drafting
  • Small Claims Court Assistance
  • Compliance With Statutory Notices
  • Eviction
  • Collections

Real Estate Law Issues?

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