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Thank you for your help and all your information in this recent eviction matter. We were able to retain our home back thanks to you! 

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Robert is a conscientious, first-rate lawyer and a fearless advocate. Hire him immediately. Anita Moore

Robert was always timely and helpful. He helped me with my case. I recommended him to anyone. Darya P.

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“I focus on defending your reputation and your future. If you have been accused of a (DUI) Driving Under the Influence, I can help.”

-Robert R. Romero, Jr.

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We’ve all heard it since we were youngsters in school, “Don’t Drink and Drive.” Yet for one reason or another, some of us will make that decision to drink and drive. At that moment when you see the flashing red and blue lights behind you, it dawns on you that you made...

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Perpetrators of Elder Abuse Are Usually Family Members

Many elderly rely entirely on family or other trusted individuals to help them. Whether it is physiological or psychological, as people grow older they tend to need guidance and support. Unfortunately, the dependence upon caregivers or family members makes an older...

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Getting Your Affairs In Order

If we had a crystal ball and could see into the future, we would not need to prepare ahead for end of life decisions. James was 62 years old when a stroke made it impossible for him to communicate with his family. Neither his wife nor children knew anything about his...

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The Pros and Cons of Revocable Living Trusts

BY JULIE GARBER  Updated June 25, 2019 Maybe you know of a friend or a family member who has recently created a revocable living trust. The whole concept has a certain mystique. Aren't they just for really wealthy people? Why would anyone want to...

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Estate Planning As Part of Your Long Term Care Plan

A key deficiency in the process of planning for long term care occurs when seniors fail to provide for the orderly distribution of assets after death or fail to let their family know what to do when the senior can no longer handle his or her own affairs. Estate...

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